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Overview of current research on nineteenth-century art
by ESNA members in and outside the Netherlands
Update published!

An updated overview of current research on nineteenth-century art can now be found on our website. ESNA is a platform that brings together scholars, museum professionals and graduate students whose research focuses on European art of the long nineteenth century. With this overview of ongoing research by ESNA members in and outside the Netherlands, we wish to inform our members and facilitate exchange.  

We are delighted to find so much research on nineteenth-century art being conducted at museums and universities, as well as other institutions. We are also glad to note that a considerable amount of PhD projects concerning a wide range of nineteenth-century topics is in progress. We can safely say that art-historical research into the nineteenth century is very much alive!

Please note that this inventory by ESNA is by no means an extensive list. Additional projects can be sent to esnaonline@hotmail.com. Please mention name(s) and affiliation(s) of the researcher(s), title of the project and possible date of publication or duration of the project. We welcome both academic research and museum-based research projects of substantial duration.


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Read the latest ESNAblog| by Lisa Smit
Interdisciplinary exchange: An art historian’s outing in the field of musicology

Recently, I embarked on an interesting exchange when I was invited to participate in a conference organized by the Institute of Musicology of the University of Vienna. Ästhetik der Innerlichkeit: Max Reger und das Lied um 1900 marked the centenary of the death of composer Max Reger. Not only was I the only non-musicologist, I was also one of only three non-native German speakers. And I am quite sure I was the only one who was unfamiliar with the music of Reger. It was my task to enrich this highly musical conference with an art historical perspective.

read more….


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New member of ESNA’s steering committee
Dr Marjan Sterckx (Ghent University)

It is with great pleasure that we announce Marjan Sterckx as new member of ESNA’s steering committee! Marjan has always been very involved in ESNA’s activities, and will make a hugely valuable contribution to the committee. Moreover, with this Belgium-based art historian ESNA’s steering committee is enriched with an international member.


Marjan Sterckx


* * *


Save the date! ESNA Winter Seminar
27 January 2017, 2-6 pm
RKD, The Hague
Dutch spoken

Focal point of the forthcoming Winter Seminar will be the issue of Style and its present-day value for art-historical research into the nineteenth century. More information will follow soon.


Mission Statement

The European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art (ESNA) is a platform formed under the auspices of the Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History (Onderzoekschool Kunstgeschiedenis). ESNA was founded by a group of scholars, graduate students and museum professionals based in the Netherlands whose research focuses on European art of the long nineteenth century. ESNA’s aim is to provide a forum to promote the exchange of ideas in this field, to support and encourage graduate research, and to enhance networking opportunities for participants. ESNA seeks to contribute to, and foster debate on, nineteenth-century art through the organization of an annual symposium, workshops, excursions, the invitation of visiting speakers, and the co-ordination with other organizations and groups devoted to the study of the nineteenth century. Although originating in the Low Countries, ESNA aims to create a broad international network for the advancement of research into all aspects of nineteenth-century European art.

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Past ESNA events 

Last update of this website, 14 October 2016


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