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Call for Papers journal De Moderne Tijd (Dutch)
Grond van Verbeelding: Bodem en Streek in de Lage Landen

Voor dit themanummer van De Moderne Tijd zijn we op zoek naar artikelen vanuit verschillende disciplines waarin de (beleving van) bodem centraal staat.

Abstracts deadline 25 januari 2021

Call for Papers ESNA Talks 2020-2021 (online presentations)
European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art and RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History

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Out now!
“Spiegel van de werkelijkheid: 19de-eeuwse schilderkunst in Nederland” by Jenny Reynaerts, Mercatorfonds/Rijksmuseum, 2019
English version: “Mirror of Reality. Nineteenth century Painting in the Netherlands

It is the first time in 70 years that a current overview of 19th-century painting has been offered in the Netherlands. The last standard work on 19th-century painting in the Netherlands was published in 1948.

Vincent van Gogh, George Hendrik Breitner and Jozef Israëls are internationally renowned Dutch painters from the 19th century. But Dutch art from this time has much more to offer. Jenny Reynaerts sheds new light on changes in the art market, stylistic developments and the relationship between Dutch and foreign artists. More than 500 of the best and most relevant paintings have been selected for this publication: famous and hardly known works and even a number of discoveries. The book is designed by Irma Boom.

Dr. Jenny Reynaerts has been a senior curator of paintings at the Rijksmuseum since 2003 and a specialist in this field. Within the Rijksmuseum she was closely involved in the renewed arrangement of the presentation of 19th-century art, which is considered to be the largest overview in the world of the best that Dutch painting has to offer in the 19th century.

Jenny Reynaerts is also involved as a guest curator at the Museum Singer Laren for the exhibition Spiegel van de Ziel. Toorop tot Mondriaan, for which the final chapter of the book forms its base. The exhibition can be seen from 14 January to 10 May 2020 in Museum Singer Laren.

Link to webshop Mercatorfonds
Available in the USA via Yale University Press: click here

Out now!
“Alles voor Vincent – Het leven van Jo Van Gogh-Bongerby Hans Luijten Prometheus, 2019. €35,-

When the brothers passed away shortly after each other, Jo assumed responsibility for Van Gogh’s artistic legacy. From 1891 up to her death, she dedicated herself to raising awareness of Vincent’s art and letters.

Author Hans Luijten (Senior Researcher at the Van Gogh Museum) uses a wealth of source material to sketch the multifaceted life of this committed woman, who in the decades around 1900, acted decisively in a world dominated by men. Jo was not only active in the art and cultural sphere, but also in the Social Democratic Workers’ Party (the predecessor of the Labour Party) and the burgeoning women’s rights movement, which fought for better working conditions for women. Luijten: ‘Jo van Gogh-Bonger is perhaps not a household name, but she was a force to be reckoned with. I am delighted that we are now able to tell her life story in such detail’. More information

A digital edition of Jo’s diaries is published online.

NEW ESNAblog | How do we remember the past?
Exhibition review Black Models: from Géricault to Matisse
By Lisa Lambrechts – Curator in Training at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Aimé Mpané, Olympia II, 2013,
painting made on pieces of contreplaqué, Collection Gérard Valérius.

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