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RKD Talk: ‘Benijdenswaardig handig’: Tholen en de kunstmarkt
Donderdag 13 februari, 17.00 uur, RKD Den Haag.

Op 9 februari 2020 opent in het Dordrechts Museum de tentoonstelling Willem Bastiaan Tholen. Een gelukkige natuur. RKD-conservator Evelien de Visser en Suzanne Veldink, hoofd Museale Zaken bij Panorama Mesdag, schreven mee aan de tentoonstellings-catalogus en vertellen tijdens de RKD Talk op donderdag 13 februari over hun onderzoek. Tickets zijn nu verkrijgbaar in de RKD webshop.

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Out now!
“Spiegel van de werkelijkheid: 19de-eeuwse schilderkunst in Nederland” by Jenny Reynaerts, Mercatorfonds/Rijksmuseum, 2019
English version: “Mirror of Reality. Nineteenth century Painting in the Netherlands

It is the first time in 70 years that a current overview of 19th-century painting has been offered in the Netherlands. The last standard work on 19th-century painting in the Netherlands was published in 1948.

Vincent van Gogh, George Hendrik Breitner and Jozef Israëls are internationally renowned Dutch painters from the 19th century. But Dutch art from this time has much more to offer. Jenny Reynaerts sheds new light on changes in the art market, stylistic developments and the relationship between Dutch and foreign artists. More than 500 of the best and most relevant paintings have been selected for this publication: famous and hardly known works and even a number of discoveries. The book is designed by Irma Boom.

Dr. Jenny Reynaerts has been a senior curator of paintings at the Rijksmuseum since 2003 and a specialist in this field. Within the Rijksmuseum she was closely involved in the renewed arrangement of the presentation of 19th-century art, which is considered to be the largest overview in the world of the best that Dutch painting has to offer in the 19th century.

Jenny Reynaerts is also involved as a guest curator at the Museum Singer Laren for the exhibition Spiegel van de Ziel. Toorop tot Mondriaan, for which the final chapter of the book forms its base. The exhibition can be seen from 14 January to 10 May 2020 in Museum Singer Laren.

Link to webshop Mercatorfonds
Available in the USA via Yale University Press: click here

Out now!
“Alles voor Vincent – Het leven van Jo Van Gogh-Bongerby Hans Luijten Prometheus, 2019. €35,-

When the brothers passed away shortly after each other, Jo assumed responsibility for Van Gogh’s artistic legacy. From 1891 up to her death, she dedicated herself to raising awareness of Vincent’s art and letters.

Author Hans Luijten (Senior Researcher at the Van Gogh Museum) uses a wealth of source material to sketch the multifaceted life of this committed woman, who in the decades around 1900, acted decisively in a world dominated by men. Jo was not only active in the art and cultural sphere, but also in the Social Democratic Workers’ Party (the predecessor of the Labour Party) and the burgeoning women’s rights movement, which fought for better working conditions for women. Luijten: ‘Jo van Gogh-Bonger is perhaps not a household name, but she was a force to be reckoned with. I am delighted that we are now able to tell her life story in such detail’. More information

A digital edition of Jo’s diaries is published online.

Van Gogh Museum Visiting Fellow in the History of Nineteenth-Century Art
Artists’ and Collectors’ Museums: Display, (Self-)Representation, Evolution

From 7-11 June 2020 (Research) MA students in Art History and related fields will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Van Gogh Museum Visiting Fellow in the History of Nineteenth-Century Art seminar, sponsored by the Van Gogh Museum and the University of Amsterdam.

This year’s Visiting Fellow is Prof. Dario Libero Gamboni. University of Geneva, Switzerland. Gamboni completed his studies at the University of Lausanne and EHESS, Paris. He has pubished widely on various areas of nineteenth-century art history, with a focus on the period around 1900, including on the relationship between art and literature; iconoclasm and vandalism; the question of visual ambiguity; and the artists Paul Gauguin and Odilon Redon. One of his recent topics has been artists’ and collectors’ museums, the subject of this year’s seminar.

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CFP – ESNA Congress 2020: Thinking in the Box
Deadline: 20 December, 2019
14-15 May 2020, RKD, Den Haag

Keynote: Liz Prettejohn (University of York)

Submission deadline: 20 December 2019
English spoken

Tradition is art history’s eternal Other: it is that which must be overcome, resisted, thrown off or, if a compromise must be made, creatively appropriated. The history of the art of the nineteenth century, that “great” age of innovation, progress and revolution, is more than any other rooted in anti-traditionalist sentiment, steeped in a rhetoric that privileges innovation and bound to narrative structures geared against artistic tradition. Modernist and other teleological histories of nineteenth-century art have always emphasised change and novelty. But even revisionist accounts of the art of the nineteenth century leave scarcely any room to consider tradition in its own right. These have generally either sung the aesthetic praises of traditional art without much further reflection, or have discussed academic art as innovative in another way, either within a traditional framework or in the sense that the art under consideration points forward to developments other than those associated with formal modernism.

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Monet: The Garden Paintings, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, The Hague.
12 October 2019 – 02 February 2020

Monet -The Garden Paintings will focus on the period 1900 to 1926. During this period of over a quarter of a century, Monet lived a secluded life on his property in Giverny, where he produced his renowned paintings of his own gardens. Over time, he depicted the gardens in an increasingly abstract style. Many art historians have wrongly attributed this stylistic change to failing eyesight. But in fact Monet – at the height of his career – was still exploring new artistic frontiers, which later had a major impact on artists like Rothko and Pollock. One of the few major Monet exhibitions in the Netherlands was in 1952, at the Gemeentemuseum. Monet – The Garden Paintings will be the first ever Dutch exhibition of this part of Monet’s oeuvre, and will star the Kunstmuseum’s own Wisteria alongside three of its six siblings.

Online tickets for Monet – The Garden Paintings will be available from 1 October 2019. During this exhibition, a supplement of €3.50 will be payable for entry to the museum. More information

NEW ESNAblog | How do we remember the past?
Exhibition review Black Models: from Géricault to Matisse
By Lisa Lambrechts – Curator in Training at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Aimé Mpané, Olympia II, 2013,
painting made on pieces of contreplaqué, Collection Gérard Valérius.

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Out now! XIX: Studies in 19th-Century Art and Visual Culture. Vol. 1
Herwig Todts, James Ensor, Occasional Modernist. Ensor’s artistic and social ideas and the interpretation of his art, Brepols Publishers, 2019

This book explores James Ensor’s writings, ideas and works in greater depth than they have hitherto enjoyed in art-historical scholarship.
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Out now! Studies in the History of Collecting & Art Markets, Vol. 6
Jan Dirk Baetens and Dries Lyna, Art Crossing Borders
The Internationalisation of the Art Market in the Age of Nation States, 1750-1914,
Brill, 2019

Art Crossing Borders offers a thought-provoking analysis of the internationalisation of the art market during the long nineteenth century.
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