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ESNA Winter Seminar
Digital Humanities: Wat heeft de 19de-eeuwer eraan?/What’s in it for the 19th century?
29 January 2016
1-6 PM. English and Dutch spoken. RKD., The Hague

ESNA invites all nineteenth-century devotees to submit a proposal for the 2016 ESNA conference City of Sin: Representing the Urban Underbelly in the Nineteenth Century (Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum: 19-20 May 2016)
CFP Deadline: 18 December 2015  

Read about the successful ESNA conference 2015: Friend or foe: Art and the Market in the Nineteenth Century (The Hague 21 and 22 May 2015) on the Burlingtonblog:  https://burlingtonindex.wordpress.com/


Schrijf je in voor het congres van de werkgroep De Negentiende Eeuw
Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam: 11 December 2015

Vanaf het einde van de achttiende eeuw bestond er een drukke uitwisseling van contacten tussen Nederland en de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Amerika sprak tot de verbeelding van schrijvers, kunstenaars, avonturiers en het grote publiek. En Nederland vormde een inspiratiebron voor de Amerikanen op zoek naar een democratisch verleden: de tijd van ‘Holland Mania’. De veelzijdige culturele trans-Atlantische relaties tussen Nederland en de Verenigde Staten geven een interessante kijk op de negentiende eeuw.

Kosten: € 25 (studenten en promovendi € 15). Opgeven s.v.p. vóór 6 december 2015 bij secretaris Matthijs Lok: m.m.lok@uva.nl

Conference – Ensor Research Project
University of Antwerp: 20 November 2015
Check out the full program!

In 2013, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp started the Ensor Research Project, bringing together an interdisciplinary team with the goal of investigating the material and technical aspects of the 38 Ensor paintings in the museum’s collection. The conference will present a mid-term state of the ongoing project, evaluating the present state of technical and scientific findings along with current theoretical, stylistic, iconographic and historical investigations.

Registration is free but obligatory as the number of seats is limited.

Beyond Chinoiserie: Artistic Exchanges between China and the West during the late Qing Dynasty (c. 1795-1911)
Workshop at Seton Hall University, New Jersey: 30 – 31 October 2015

The workshop Beyond Chinoiserie is aimed at investigating what happened when political relations between China and the West soured and when artistic contacts were no longer situated at the courts but largely took place in the context of international commerce and middle-class culture. By choosing a format that is less formal than a conference or symposium, we hope to attract to the Seton Hall workshop more speakers on a topic that has in the last few years emerged as one that is crucial for our understanding of East-West relations, and of international relations generally.

Attendance at the workshop is free of charge, but registration is required.
For more information please visit the website.

Munch : Van Gogh Conference
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam: Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 November, 2015

ESNA is happy to present the full programme of the Munch : Van Gogh Conference. Registration for the symposium is possible until October, 23. The registration fee includes admission to the Van Gogh Museum, lunch and refreshments, as well as an evening reception and visit to the exhibition. Please send your subscription to symposium@vangoghmuseum.nl Make sure to subscribe early as access is limited! As soon as we receive your registration, we will send the payment specifications. Registration fee: €75 (the first ten students to register will get free entrance!)

Mission Statement

The European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art (ESNA) is a platform formed under the auspices of the Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History (Onderzoekschool Kunstgeschiedenis). ESNA was founded by a group of scholars, graduate students and museum professionals based in the Netherlands whose research focuses on European art of the long nineteenth century. ESNA’s aim is to provide a forum to promote the exchange of ideas in this field, to support and encourage graduate research, and to enhance networking opportunities for participants. ESNA seeks to contribute to, and foster debate on, nineteenth-century art through the organization of an annual symposium, workshops, excursions, the invitation of visiting speakers, and the co-ordination with other organizations and groups devoted to the study of the nineteenth century. Although originating in the Low Countries, ESNA aims to create a broad international network for the advancement of research into all aspects of nineteenth-century European art.

Past ESNA events 

Last update of this website, 23 October 2015


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