2019 ESNA Conference Frictions and Friendships

ESNA Conference 2019
Frictions and Friendships. Cultural encounters in the nineteenth century
June 19-20 2019: The Hague, Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD)

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Day 1 – Wednesday 19 June


10.30: Introduction Interactive and Public Expertmeeting Part I – Mayken Jonkman (RKD)

11.00: SESSION 1. Locations

“The Alsen Villa Colony outside of Berlin and the artist’s role in an upper-class summer resort”
– Sabrina Flörke (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg)

“All About Vacations: The Feverishly Lazy Sociability of Tourists and Artists in Nice/Nice during the Long Nineteenth Century”
– Sergio Pace (Politecnico di Torino)

“Old Faces in New Places: Leopold Carl Müller and Friends in Cairo”
– Marsha Morton (Pratt Institute)

12.30: LUNCH

13.30: KEYNOTE LECTURE – Agostina Segatori and the immigrant Italian models of Paris – Susan Waller (University of Missouri-Saint Louis)

14.15: SESSION 2. Artistic encounters

“Carl Steffeck and the Painter’s studio – A place of friendship or rivalry?”
– Stéphanie Baumewerd (Technische Universität Berlin)

“The female model-artist collaboration: Julia Margaret Cameron’s and Mary Ryan’s “friendship” in the Victorian Art world”
– Tamar Hagar (Tel Hai College)

“The Making of “Spanish” Painting in Manet’s Paris”
– Daniel Ralston (Columbia University)


16.30: KEYNOTE LECTURE – Ways to success: Exhibition Strategies of Foreign Artists in Paris (1884-1914) – Maite van Dijk (Van Gogh Museum)

17.15: DRINKS

Day 2 – Thursday 20 June

9.30: Introduction on day 2

9.45: KEYNOTE LECTURE – Lost in translation. The significance of productive frictions and misunderstanding for the arts – France Nerlich (INHA)

10.30: SESSION 3. Mythe versus Reality

“From Printmaking to Portraiture: The Negotiation of Dutch Golden Age Heritage in the Work of Félicien Rops”
– Hannah Rose Blakeley (Princeton University)

“In the wake of the old masters: Dutch modern artists in Romantic Britain”
– Quirine van der Meer Mohr (Dordrechts Museum)

““Adieu la Grèce où j’ai éprouvé tant de déceptions” – Pierre-Jean David d’Angers’ encounter of Greece in 1852”
– Ekaterini Kepetzis (University of Cologne)

“Strategies of Contact: Ivan Kramskoi between Petersburg and Paris in the 1870s”
– Allison Leigh (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

12.15: LUNCH

13.30: Interactive and public expertmeeting Part II

14.00: SESSION 4. Exhibitions, part I

“Hosting and not Hosting the Avant-garde in Barcelona in the 1910s”
– Isabel Valverde (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

“Ask the people! Exhibitions on public works in Ghent during the first half of the 19th century”
– Pieter-Jan Cierkens (Ghent University)


15.30: SESSION 4. Exhibitions, part II

““For the Boers with heart and soul”: shared sympathy displayed by Dutch and American artists at the World’s Fair in St. Louis of 1904”
– Julia Krikke (University of Amsterdam)

“‘Durch das Andere zum Eigenen’ The receptivity to contemporary art from Western Europe in Vienna around 1900”
– Lisa Smit (Van Gogh Museum)

16.30: Discussion and closing remarks

17.00: END